Wednesday, December 10, 2008

O Christmas Tree, Where Art Thou?

I want to go on record that this is the most UN-Christmasy Christmas I have ever had in my life! I feel like I'm in this bubble. I hear about Christmas, I see things about Christmas, but I don't FEEL Christmas! You know? And I think it's everywhere. Have you noticed that hardly anyone has decorated outside with lights or those blow-up things? It feels so unreal that Christmas is 2 weeks away. Un. Real.

I do not have my Christmas tree up. I don't even want to put it up. If I did not have kids, I would NOT put it up. And me and my sister have to put my mom's 9-ft Christmas tree up. (sigh) When am I supposed to get all of this done???

I think I've got so much Christmas "stuff" that I finally have reached the point where I don't enjoy any of it. I absolutely *dread* getting out my 12+ Rubbermaid bins of "stuff" to put out. It's just all so ridiculous. I keep buying all this Christmas stuff on sale after Christmas..and I don't even enjoy putting it out! It's not like I buy it to impress anyone. No one even comes over to my house during the Christmas season!

I saw an article in "Country Home" magazine of a lady who used to be like me with a bunch of "stuff" and finally simplified. Her home looked beautiful with just a few choice Christmas pieces. Some of it wasn't even necessarily Christmas-y; it might have been just a bright red throw over a chair or something. I really want to get rid of a lot of my stuff and simplify.

Ahhhh....doesn't that word just make you smile and bring a calmness to you? "Simple" it, love it, love it! I wish that word described every aspect of my life. But it seems my life is the total opposite of "simple". It doesn't have to be, though. That will be my new mantra for the new year: Simplify!

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  1. Girl, you are speaking to my heart this season too!

    I felt the same thing too about putting up the trees. I was so reluctant to get them all out...but then we did. I do feel a little more "Christmasy" that a week ago, but in some ways feel like I'm just going through the motions. It's strange.

    I really couldn't give a care about all the gifts and such this year. I've just been burdened that we've commercialized this season of "Peace" to the point where there is no peace. You know?

    For whatever reason, this season has felt a bit "off" for me too. Maybe it's the economy or the feeling that we're on the precipice of change. I don't know.

    I'm just glad to know someone else echos my feelings!

    Love Ya!


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