Friday, June 6, 2008

Frugal Finds at the Thrift Store

After locking myself out of my house yesterday, I ended up going with my sister to a thrift store. I got a couple of great finds!

* A pair of Hanna Andersson clogs that look like new, in my DD's size, for $1.69! These retail for $48. Wow!
* A pair of Teva sandals for me for $1.99. They feel pretty comfy!

We went to Big Lots,too. I got (3) 3-pack digital pregnancy tests by Clearblue (??) for $2.00 each! And they don't expire until June 2009. They normally retail for $20 each. They also had a bunch of cool scrappin' stuff. I got some Basic Grey "Mellow" chipboard packs for $2, Basic Grey Wholly Cow rub-ons for $1, and they had but I didn't get some Basic Grey "Oh Baby" ribbon packs for $3. If you have a Big Lots, it's worth going to check it out!

The only other good deal I've gotten lately was a one-day only sale at Kroger for Tyson whole chickens (the ones labeled all natural) for .49 cents a pound. They were originally almost $9.00 each, and I got them for $2.xx each. I got 4! I later heard that Tyson is being sued for the chickens labeled "all natural" were not really all natural, or something like that. But oh, well! It's still a good deal for NOT all natural chickens!! LOL!

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately....We have been super busy with weddings, funerals, and the like. And I haven't felt great. My thyroid is still out of whack! Enough excuses... :)

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  1. WHAT!!! $.49/lb chicken at Kroger. Where was I??? I hate when I miss an awesome sale...a day late and a dollar short. My life. (Good for you for racking up!!)

    Love, Mel


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