Friday, June 13, 2008

Garage Sale Finds

Last Saturday, I went to a few yard sales and found some great deals! I thought I would share.

At one yard sale, I got all of this for $10:
* 2 pairs of dress shoes for my son. One pair was Bass. Both looked brand new.
* 1 pair of rain boots worn once
* 7 books (2 Max Lucado hardcovers, one oversized hardback Winnie the Pooh, and other paperback readers)
* 5 shirts for my son
* 1 pair of pants for my son
* 2 swimming trunks for my son

At another yard sale I got:
* 2 crystal lamps for $10 (I know crystal lamps aren't in style, but I don't care! LOL!!)
* 1 brand new Discovery Toys Money game for $1
* Life board game for $1
* A huge bag of 27 girls hair bows for $3
* A smaller bag of 8 scrunchies, 2 play bracelets, and some barretts for .75 cents
* 3 computer games (Monopoly, NickToons Racing, and an educational game) for $1 each
* "A Christmas Story" VHS movie for $1

At another sale I got:
* A pair of Laredo boots for $1 (I can't tell if they are boys or girls - gotta find out)
* A Kelly's Kids white cardigan sweater for $1
* A pair of Class Club khaki dress pants for $1
* A brand new bulletin board, still in shrink wrap, for $3 (instead of regular corkboard, it has black, kind of like Nerf, board to pin into)

I think that's all. I felt like I did pretty good! I was really excited about the hair bows! These weren't just little bows - they were they fancy ones! Now if I can only get my DD to wear them, I will be happy!!!

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  1. Well, I think if you can't get DD to wear the hair bows, then it's only fair to pass them on to your dear niece! :)
    Way to go! Great finds!


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