Saturday, September 6, 2008

"She" is a "He" and other stories

We've had a weird past 36 hours or so. But that's par for the course for us.

Here's a quick rundown for you:

Preach and kids picked up a stray black cat at a gas station. They *said* the cat just climbed in their car. I just wonder if the cat had some HELP getting in!

Brought cat home, fed it, and named it Midnight. Preach said the cat was a girl based on Princess's description of the "holes" it had.

Took cat to the vet that afternoon. Vet politely told us "she" was a "he" (totally embarassing!). Did tests on cat to make sure HE didn't have Feline Aids or Leukemia. Vet told us to expect the worse. We started telling the kids we were probably going to have to get rid of the cat (trying not to tell them we would have to put it to sleep). Luckily (for the cat) tests came back negative. Cat just had a bunch of ear mites.

Took cat home, made it a bed in a box.

I couldn't sleep all night, expecting the cat to come in and jump on our bed. In the middle of the night, I awoke to find the cat on top of me. (sigh) I frantically woke Preach up to move him.

Got up yesterday morning with Princess coming into my room saying she hated the cat - he had peed on her BRAND NEW mattress and comforter! UGH! Sure enough, he had!!! Stripped the bed, washed everything. Sprayed the mattress with Melaleuca Tough & Tender and Solumel. I made Preach smell the mattress last night, and there was still cat pee smell. I told him I wanted to buy her a new mattress. Um, that didn't go over too well.

Cat peed again on my bathroom rug. And yes, we had a litter box set up.

Yesterday afternoon, Prince goes to pick up cat, and cat BITES his arm! Broke the skin. Prince said cat hung on for a few seconds. Sorry, cat - but you hurt my baby - you are GONE!!!

When Preach gets home, cat goes OUTSIDE! We are going to feed him, and hope he sticks around.

We learned out lesson on picking up strays. If we EVER get a cat again, we will be getting a kitten. But this was such a bad experience, I don't know if we will ever again do it. I'm not a cat person anyway. I've never owned a cat. I love dogs! Give me a good ol' dog any day over a cat!

Oh, and if any cat owners out there know of how to get out cat pee smell, PUL-EEEEEZE let me know how!!!!


  1. Hey Girl,
    I just got a male outdoor cat and it too came in the house and sprayed on MY bed! Thank God I caught it as soon as he did it, so I was able to get the smell out. I also used LOTS of Febreeze! So sorry to hear about your "drama" with the new cat. Those male cats just like to mark their territory. Good luck!


  2. Well, here's the thing about boy un neutered cats...they spray. The smell doesn't leave. SORRY. I had a cat spray the corner of my wall about 7 years ago, and if I get on the floor, and try to smell it, I still smell a faint smell. But, I have the nose of a bloodhound. Yeah, I don't advise having un neutered males in the house (that goes for humans Still get him neutered. Or you'll be smelling it as soon as you open the door to the outside. I am a huge cat lover....but the pissin' on the bed is too much for me too.

  3. If you get him neutered it may not be as much of a problem, it was him being in a new place and marking his territory. Maybe limit the cat to what part of the house he has access to until he gets used to it? Get a pet cleaner spray from a pet store that has natural enzymes in it, Nature's Miracle is one, or Target has one called Complete stain and odor remover. The enzymes will get rid of the smell.

    It can be a pain when an animal who was a stray is getting used to a new home, so sorry that happened.

    Nicole (from PAC)

  4. Thanks, you guys! I sure wish I had done some research on male cats before I let him in the house. Oh, well. At least he is not a stray anymore, and is getting fed and cared for. He really is a sweetie. :)


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