Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just Hangin' Around

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Not much has been going on.

The cat is still hangin' around outside. We feed it everyday. When Preach and the kids go outside, the cat follows them around. He loves to be petted, and purs like a motorboat.

We've slowly started back to school. We are easing into Tapestry of Grace this week. It's going good. I am trying to figure out what Math curriculum to get Princess. She is having a hard time with number concepts. She is progressing on her reading, so I am pleased with that.

We've almost finished with Princess's room transformation. I will post pictures whenever we are done. The only thing we need to do is recover the cornice thing that goes above her window. Oh, and figure out how to put the billions of toys back into her room. My parents came over one day a couple of weeks ago and saw the piles and piles of stuffed animals in our living room. My dad said he is still having nightmares of all those stuffed animals. LOL! It's obscene. Princess wants a stuffed animal of every single real animal there is. She has a snake, a warthog (complete with a baby warthog), a kangaroo, a skunk, a cheetah, a tiger, lion, and much more. She has just about every breed of dog and cat there is. (sigh) And that's not even counting the dozens of stuffed bears and rabbits she has. The list goes on...

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  1. I bet kitty is much happier outside. That's what he's used to. In my experience, once a cat is an outside cat, he's pretty much always gonna want to be an outside cat.
    We went thru the stuffed animal thing with my middle DD. She's a HUGE animal lover, and at one time, I swear she had every white bangle tiger stuffed animal known to man!


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