Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Review of the movie: Fireproof

Preach and I went to see the movie Fireproof this weekend.


I really don't know the right words to express how wonderful this movie is. It's a Christian movie, made by the church that made "Facing the Giants". This movie stars Kirk Cameron, who is great in it. I loved "Facing the Giants", but I will have to say, that this one is 10 times better! Even Preach agrees.

This movie is about marriage. Maybe you shouldn't tell your DH that when you tell him you want him to go see it. LOL! But you can truthfully tell him that there is lots of humor in it! I mean, laugh-out-loud-funny-humor! It has lots of really funny parts in it. Preach says, "This movie just proves that a movie can be made that is funny without dirty language and s**ually explicit material". Too true.

Even if you say that you have a wonderful marriage, you should go see this movie. I promise, you will leave the movie with a newfound respect for your spouse and what they go through and feel. Yes, there is a Christian message in the movie. And when Caleb (Kirk Cameron)'s father illustrates the parallel of our love for our spouse and God's love for us.....wow. It moved me to tears. If you see it, you will know which scene I am talking about. This movie shows both sides of marriage. You will see yourself in some parts of it. You will see how you can treat your spouse better. You will see how easy it is to fall into Satan's traps.

Go see it. You won't regret it.

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  1. you're the 2nd person to blog about this movie. WHere did you see it? I'd love for hubs and I to go.


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