Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Most Embarassing Experience at Blockbuster

The day before Halloween, Princess and I went to do last-minute errands for costumes. After 3 hours of fighting the crowds, we stop in Blockbuster to get some movies. At the counter, I hand the movies and my card to the check-out boy. I hear a buzzing at my ear and move my head. Princess has one of those candy stick things with a plane on top that when you press a button, the propeller moves. She then quickly sticks the propeller IN MY HAIR! Immediately, my long and curly hair wrapped around it. I try to pull it out. Nope. It was stuck. I begin to panic, but try to act cool about it. I laugh and act like this is an everyday thing, getting propellers stuck in my hair. The check-out boy is just standing there, staring at me. I keep making comments like, "Ha ha, I can't believe this, ha ha" with Princess yelling "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!". Finally, I said to the boy, "I'll just pay for it." I figured I would just wear it out the store, and try to get it out at home. Can you imagine? He still just stands there and stares at me. I realize he has been struck dumb by the site of a 30-something year old mom with a propeller stuck in her hair. I ask him for some scissors to cut it out there, just so I can pay for the stupid movies and get out of there. That motivates him to close his mouth and look for some scissors. While looking, a female Blockbuster employee asks why he needs them. He explains (I couldn't hear what he said - probably good that I didn't). She comes over and attemps to pull it out. After a couple of minutes of this, she decides to try and break it open. So I stand there, with all of the Blockbuster employees and customers watching, while she breaks open this toy in my hair. Sucess! I tell her I'll pay for it, but luckily it still worked. I am still acting like this is no big deal, even though I know I am beet red and sweat is running down my face. As I pay for the movies, I say, "Ha, ha, ha. Hopefully Princess learned her lesson!" as I indulgently look at my daughter. I swear to you, as we leave, I see her reach up and push the button of that cursed candy stick propeller!

I'm sure I was the talk of many conversations that night.


  1. You poor thing! Maybe we can laugh about this in a week or so! LOL!!

    Love, Mel

  2. Or, we could laugh about it now! I know I'm giggling! The thought of the clerk standing there slack-jawed is hilarious. At least he didn't try to scan your head.


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