Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TV Withdrawal and Puppy Problems

No satellite is going okay. Well, tonight is my favorite TV night, so I'm having a little withdrawal anxiety right now, but I'll be okay. I'm gonna miss Top Chef and Ghost Hunters. (sigh) The kids have actually been doing good. They have been watching PBS, which we almost never watched before. And they have been watching lots of movies. One good thing about this phone TV thing, is that our internet is faster! Woo hoo!

Well, our 9-month old Yellow Lab mix puppy (who does not look like a puppy - she is HUGE!) is driving us crazy. She is an outside dog, running around inside of a wireless electric fence. On Monday, I was expecting some pictures I had ordered from a photographer of my kids in the mail. Unfortunately, the box wouldn't fit in the mailbox, and the mailman put them on the front porch. I went out around 2:00 to do some errands and noticed paper all over the yard. I had a sinking feeling that I knew what it was. Yep - the $136 worth of pictures and all my mail were shredded into itty, bitty bits.

So far, this dog has chewed up:

* my leather recliner
* the cord to the motor of the fountain in our front yard
* the satellite cables
* a wire hanging from DH's truck (haven't figured out yet just what it goes to)
* 4 screens on our windows

She keeps jumping, biting at, scratching the kids. She is just so darn strong!! She has all these muscles popping out all over her. Everyone is scared to come into our yard. The ruined pictures are the last straw. We are seriously thinking of trying to find her a new home. I think she needs to be with some college guys or something who will roughouse with her and run her a lot. She doesn't need to be around little kids. She does have some good qualities: she is playful - just doesn't know when she's being too rough, she doesn't bark a lot, she is really CUTE, she obeys my DH (just not me or the kids). Prince cries when we talk about finding her a new home. :( So it's going to be hard. Pray we find her a good home!

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  1. Hey Girl,
    I feel your pain with the puppy problems. I have a HUGE puppy too and I also suggested to my DH to find him a new home. I doubt it will happen though. So sorry to hear about your pics. Good luck finding a home for your adorable yet crazy puppy!



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