Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I went a little crazy yesterday

Yesterday was just one of those days. I needed to do several errands. But right before we are ready to leave, Prince hangs his pinky toe on a door. He had already hurt it two nights before by bending it back. So as he is bawling, I call my sister and she graciously agrees to watch the kids while I go.

I first went to the library. I love going to the library alone. I get to wander and meander and take my time. I even found "The Shack" yesterday that my DH has been wanting to read. It was put out by mistake because it had a ton of holds on it. But they let me have it since it was their mistake (don't you wish stores were like that?).

I go to Target to get a couple of things for the All About Spelling curriculum that I'm starting. I needed a 2'X3' magnetic white board and 2 3X5 index card holders. Well, struck out on both at Target. Nada. As I was leaving, I remember I had something in the van that I wanted to return. As I'm leaving, I notice there is no one in the Return line. Yay! I go into the rain, grab the bag, and come back. I swear, there was now a line of people returning stuff. And lucky me, there is a man returning stuff off of 5 different receipts. (sigh) I wait forever, finally get up there, and get my $$ back.

Now I have to go to Wal-Mart, my LEAST favorite place in the world. I go to the one I hardly ever go to since it's closer. Let me ask you a question...if you were just going in for office supplies, wouldn't you park on the regular Wal-Mart side, not the Food Center side? Makes sense, right? I park and go in, and wander around forever trying to find the office supplies. I can't find them!!! By this time, my back is hurting, and I seriously contemplate crying. I can't even find a hardworking, gracious Wal-Mart employee. As I stand in middle of an aisle, muttering to myself, I try to think like a Wal-Martian - where would I put office supplies if I was Wal-Mart? Oh, YEAH! I would put them in the FOOD CENTER!! I go over to the Food part, and sure enough, found the Office Supplies. Like I said, makes so much sense, right? Anyway, I did find the white board (Thank you, Wally World) and found ONE 3X5 index card box. I pick it up and notice it won't even close and catch. Of course. I go to the check-out, and guess who I'm behind? The 5-receipt man from Target! Of course. At least he was't returning anything. He did use a gift card, cash, and a debit card to pay for some Nyquil. Go figure.

So I call my sister in a panic, asking if she has any 3X5 card boxes laying around. She doesn't but assures me it's okay if I go and find one. So I go to Office Max. That's where I have a little meltdown. This is where I'm a little embarassed to admit how I acted. I go into Office Max straight to the index card aisle. There is ONE 3X5 index card box. I pick it up...and shake the lid up and down and it will NOT CATCH CLOSED! I said a not-so-nice word and slammed it down back on the shelf. I picked it back up again and THREW it on the shelf! Yes, I am embarassed. My only excuse is PMS.

I leave and go to another office supply store. They had only 2, with only one half-way working. I buy it. It will have to do for now.

I almost run out of gas on the way home.

I still didn't get to go to Michael's and get ebony pencils for out new Artistic Pursuits curriculum. And I didn't get to go into Lifeway and pick up our Fireproof movie copy that we pre-bought and got $10 gift cards (great deal and even better movie!). And the weather is nasty today. Oh, well. It can wait another week. :)


  1. Wal-Martian - love it!! I feel like one whenever I'm there.

    Sorry the card boxes were so elusive. I finally had to just hold out until I found mine at ATP.

  2. lol. I just can't imagine seeing you throwing something and saying a bad word!! Next time, I wanna be there :) I hate walmart. hate it hate it hate it. Forget about finding anyone to help you. Ugh.

  3. "I just can't imagine seeing you throwing something and saying a bad word!!"

    Yeah, I know. I'm embarrassed and almost didn't write about it. But I'm human. Preacher's wives are human, Christians are human. So I decided to be honest about it. It is kinda funny now that I think about it - me...throwing a temper tantrum in Office Max! LOL!!!

    The even funnier thing is that a few days later, I found EXACTLY the kind of index card boxes I was looking for at Big Lots for $1.25 (clear with flip-top lid) and they worked!!!

  4. Going to the library alone? Yes, it's a treat. Not having to rush and being able to leisurely browse the shelves? One could almost not ask for anything more

    I enjoyed Wal-Martian too. Cute! If at all possible, I stay away on Saturdays. That has got to be the worst time to shop there.


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