Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Welcome to my new blog! There are a couple of reasons I am starting a new blog. No, I'm not trying to run and hide from anyone. LOL! ;) First, I realized my old blog was called "Homeschooling Hearts for God" but I never talked about homeschooling. So I thought about just changing the name on the blog, but that would mean I would have to leave the web address, which still has "homeschooling" in it. And since I'm a matchy-matchy type of girl, I really wanted the title and web address to match.

Second, I just wanted a fresh start. This is a new year, and I want to change a lot of things, and my blog seems the easiest place to start.

Third, if you know me outside of web world, you know that I like to change things all the time. I even like to change houses every couple years! LOL! I get tired of paint colors, comforters, themes, etc really quickly and always want to change it up (I usually don't have the money to change them all the time, but I *want* to!).

So I apologize for once again changing blogs on you. But if you aren't surprised I'm doing this, then you know me too well. ;)

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