Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Week (thus far)

I'm really sorry I haven't blogged this week. I give many thanks to my readers for keeping on checking my blog. :)

My week has been so busy.

* My DH's, whom I've decided to call Preacher Man on my blog (uh, guess what he does?), great-aunt died. So Preacher Man was at the hospital a lot and preached at her funeral.

* I had to go the the tire place TWICE! Once for a flat tire, and once for a bubble in the sidewall of a tire - a blowout waiting to happen. I spent HOURS there.

* Me and the kids took a 3-hour trip both ways to visit with my grandmother. Very tiring for me.

* Two make-up soccer games on different nights.

* Two more soccer games today, which I'm fixing to leave for.

And I haven't even bought Mother's Day gifts or made their cards!! UGH! And I've got to find time to go and get DD (whom I will call Curly Sue on my blog) some shoes for church for tomorrow. All she has to wear are these black glitter mary jane's that are very winter-ish. LOL!

I've got to run. Everyone is in a frenzy because they can't find any of their soccer gear. It happens every time. And I haven't a clue where to start looking.... (sigh) Because I'm NOT ORGANIZED!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow! It was a super busy week for you guys! Just think once we are SHE'd, you'll be able to take this all with style and grace.


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