Saturday, August 30, 2008

Setting TOG Up

I am going to update my blog often with how Tapestry of Grace is going. I'm going to be honest in my opinions and be "real". So here goes...

I have opened Unit 1 (there are 4 units in Year 1). I went to the TOG online forum and found a link under "Setting It Up" that explains options of setting everything up and detailed list of what to buy. It's a little overwhelming. I printed it off and went to Sam's Club. I know they have the best prices on page protectors and 3-ring notebooks. Some TOGers put page protectors on the whole year's worth of curriculum. It sounds like a good idea in theory, you know, to protect your major moolah investment. But considering you have to buy 1000 page protectors...then you have to put the pages in them. Oh my gosh. I had decided to just page protect the first Unit. Then when I get done with the unit, take them out, and put Unit 2 in there, and so on. Last night I started on putting Unit 1 in the page protectors. Good grief!!! That was a sloooooow process! And frustrating, too!! The pages don't go in there smoothly. So I got to Week 3 before I gave up for the night. Gonna try and finish today.

The Loom CD that comes with it is good. I like how you can print off the Student Activity Pages from it, instead of making copies.

I haven't even looked at the Writing Aids CD yet. Or the Map Aids CD. LOL! Like I said, it's all a bit overwhelming. I really wish I had decided to do this way back in July!


  1. How's it going?? 1000 pages...whew! And I thought SL was bad. I have LOTS of page protectors that I'll probably never use if you need any.


  2. Oh, yes! I'll take some if you don't want them!!!


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