Thursday, August 28, 2008

While Waiting, Part 2 or.."The Dog Ate My Homework"

While waiting on my new curriculum yesterday, it actually came!

Unfortunately, the UPS guy didn't ring my doorbell or knock. And we have a 6-month-old Golden Lab mix PUPPY outside! Can you see where this is going?

Another package came from Vision Forum of a set of DVD's on How To Disciple Your Family. No knock or doorbell on that one, either.

So Preach gets home and finds the two packages. I immediately hear him yell "HONEY!" (that's our puppy's name, not a form of endearment for me) followed by "It's time for that dog to GO!" I reply, "Haven't I been telling you that for MONTHS?" He brings the two boxes inside which now have TWO HUGE HOLES in them where our dog had CHEWED them up! That was close to $400 worth of stuff in those two boxes that she decided to eat. I shakily open each box, and thank you God, she had not reached the "goods" in either one. Whew!

After that little debacle, I inform Preach that I looked up reviews on Target for that chest of drawers, and most people said it took hours and hours to put together, all the parts were numbered wrong, and the bottom drawer was a pain. So we ditched that idea pretty quick. We went to Ashley Furniture, and find beautiful children's furniture for really cheap, even cheaper that my favorite furniture discount store in town. So now we just have to decide what will fit in her room.

Then we went back and forth to Target and Lowe's trying to decide what shelving we could do for Princess's room. We end up with those ClosetMaid cube things, you know, with the 9 cubby holes that you can buy those fabric drawer things to put in? We got 2, and are going to put them together under the big window in her room. I really hope it will hold her toys. She really doesn't have that many TOYS as much as STUFFED ANIMALS. (imagine me rolling my eyes right here)

Okay, off to look at my new Tapestry of Grace curriculum!

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  1. Poor Honey...Poor You...Poor TOG (well almost). At least it's good to know that PM wasn't yelling that term of endearment at you. :)

    Can't wait to see TOG & the bedroom. I bet it will look great!

    Love, Mel


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