Monday, March 2, 2009

Faith of A Child

Prince's birthday was recently (he turned 9) on a Sunday. That Sunday morning was Baptist Men's Day at church where men were given the opportunity to give a testimony (of salvation, of what God has done for them). One man plus my DH, who is the Assoc. Pastor, gave their testimonies. Prince asked Preach if he could speak. So he gets up there and tells how the the day before everything went wrong that we tried to do for his birthday, but it turned out okay, and he thanked God for it. He also thanked God for such good parents and that Jesus saved him. :)

After church, we ran to Taco Bell. A really nice lady took our order (which took forever for us to do - you should see the 4 of us trying to decide what to order at Taco Bell!). While eating, Prince finishes and wants some nachos. So we give him a dollar and watch while he goes and orders it himself from this nice lady. He comes back, and proceeds to tell us that he invited the lady to church and that she said she would come talk to him about it later. I was kind of worried - I wondered if she was mad that he asked her if she went to church and was going to complain to us. In a few minutes, she did come by, but not to complain. She came to ask where our church was located and to tell us that she would be there that night!

And she DID come to church that night! Prince went to talk to her, and she gave him a big ol' hug, and told everyone there that "the baby" asked her to come. Everyone there that night left talking about Prince inviting a lady at Taco Bell to church and that she actually came. I think it made an impression on everyone. How can you say that you don't have anyone to invite to church, when a 9-year-old boy asks a complete stranger to church and she comes?

Prince always inspires me with his unconditional love and unwavering faith. He has a tender, innocent heart that I will protect with every fiber of my being. I love him so much!

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  1. He is so special! I think as adults we are just too worried about offending someone. It's ridiculous! I hope no one ever says anything to him that causes him to think twice about talking about Jesus to others.



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