Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why I've Been MIA...

Sorry I've been "MIA" for a while.... A lot has been going on.

* Princess has "walking pneumonia". We went to the doctor yesterday. She heard pneumonia in her lungs and said they needed to do a finger stick to check if it was regular pneumonia or walking pneumonia. Princess got really nervous about the finger stick. It ended up not hurting as bad as she thought it would. But apparently she got so nervous that she threw up all over the doctor's office. I tried to jerk the trash can out of the cabinet, but it was LOCKED IN! Who locks up a trash can??? So I did the only thing any mother would do....I held out my hands. If you are a mother, you know what I mean. It's pure instinct. Unfortunately, she had to throw up A LOT, and my hands are SMALL! You can see where this is went everywhere. She was so embarrassed! The nurse and doctor were very nice about it.

* Preach and I are going away "sans kids" for our 14-year anniversary. This is the first time we've been away from the kids for more than a night or two. We're not going too far, but now it's a little worrisome since Princess is sick. Praying the medicine works quickly on her...

* The biggest news is that Preach has resigned as Associate Pastor of our church. Nothing major bad happened. God just called him out of there. We don't have a church waiting for us, so Preach just want to take a breather. We are going to visit some churches and just be church-goers for a while. But, of course, if God calls him to another church soon, we will definitely go! :)

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  1. So sorry to hear about Princess. I hope she gets well soon! Always praying! Wow, I'm shocked to hear about Preach resigning. I hope everything's okay and ya'll find a church soon you are happy with! Take care.

    Love ya,


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