Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WFMW: Does your hubby hog the covers? (or do you?)

Every Wednesday, We Are THAT FAmily hosts "Works-for-me-Wednesday". Check it out! There are always neat ideas and tips to make life a little easier!
I wanted to pass on a tip that I learned recently. I haven't put it to use yet, but I plan to the next time I buy sheets (which I need to do SOON!).
Does your DH hog the covers are night? Or is there always a little part of you that "hangs out" and freezes because the sheets don't cover everything? Here's a cool tip: When you buy sheets, don't buy the whole set with everything in it. Buy each piece separately. Buy the fitted sheet and pillow cases to fit your size mattress. But buy the flat sheet in a BIGGER SIZE! Then there will be plenty of sheet to go around for everyone! This can also work with blankets. Just buy a size bigger and you will never be cold again. :) You will have to do a little more tucking when you make up your bed, but that's a small price to pay to be warm at night. LOL!
Everyone may already know of this tip. But I swear, when I heard it, bells went off in my head! I was floored at this simple solution for an aggravating problem.
So buy bigger and stay warm!


  1. Cute tip!! Thank you for sharing - your blog is really neat - and the title is AWESOME. Come visit! --angela!

  2. This is a good tip for me, and very timely. I've also found that a swift kick to the shin helps too, in a pinch.

  3. Perfect tip! I needed this almost at the beginning of our marriage!! HAHAHA!

  4. Great tip!!! But...Ahhh!! What do you do if you have a king size bed? Are there bigger sheets than that??


  5. Great tip..but I'm with "anonymous"...we have a king size bed. All the covers always seem to wind up on dh's side of the bed. Maybe I'll try Kaycee's tip. lol


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