Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Curriculum Junkie? Oh, Yeah!

Curriculum.....the mere word sends butterflies into my tummy while giving me a jolt of excitement at the same time! Some good bumper stickers for me would be:

"My name is J., and I am a curriculum junkie"

"I brake for used curriculum sales!"

When I find cheap curriculum, I will buy it just to look at it and see what it's like, on the very off chance that I *might* want to use it!

I think I'm also a "method" junkie. I mean, you should see my bookshelf of homeschooling books. I have books on Classical education, Christian Classical education, Charlotte Mason method, Wholehearted Learning, Unit Studies, Relaxed Homeschooling. Since I have books on all these methods, I think I definitely qualify as an "Eclectic homeschooler". I lean toward certain methods, but I need books from all methods, because hey, who knows when I'm gonna wanna change? ;)

I say all of this in fun, but seriously, it is getting to be a problem. Every year, I spend all spring and summer agonizing over what curriculum to get. I finally choose at the last minute, and then we use it for maybe a couple of months, then I'm ready to change again! Part of this is just my personality. I'm the kind of person who would love to redecorate my bedroom every month, if I had the money. But I would *love* to find a curriculum, and just love it SO much, that I would just *know* that I was going to use that curriculum forever!! Like, I want to be known as a certain-curriculum-person. Like, a "Sonlight homeschooler". Or a "Tapestry of Grace user". Or a "HODie". I WANT A LABEL!

So I am going to be blogging a lot about what curriculums I'm considering. Stay tuned!

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