Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feelin' Not-So-Frugal

We are Dave Ramsey fans, and thanks to him, paid off all of our debt several years ago. He does not condone using credit cards, and neither do we. But, we do use one as a gas card, and pay it off each month. This card gives you points for each dollar spent, and then you can redeem your points. We decided when we got it to use the points for clothing for the kids. Please note: I only recommend doing this (credit card) if you have had several years behind you of responsible budgeting, and if the one who is the "saver" in the family pays the bills! LOL! We have never carried a balance on this card, always paying it off each month. It has worked for us.

Anyway, my point is...we redeemed a whole lot of points and got $800 worth of Land's End gift cards. The reason I picked Land's End is because they carry little girl plus sizes. Princess is thick around her middle, and very picky of how tight clothing feels (she likes it loose - which I have to say, I am glad of!!). So Land's End is perfect for finding clothes for her. She is SO hard to buy for!!! And it's hard to find modest clothing today for little girls, you know? Land's End fits the bill there, too.

Well, last night I was placing an order for her clothing from Land's End for fall clothes and shoes. Let me tell was hard. It felt so foreign to me to be buying flare knit pants for $18.50! I felt sick. It was so weird paying $29.50 for a horse sweater, even though I know she will flip for it. But $29.50??? You have got to be kidding! I would not have been buying it if I was paying cash for it. I probably would have bought the pants, just because they are a basic necessity, and I am so weary of going all over trying to find pants that are not too tight around her waist and legs. I bought two knit dresses, which were $19.50 each. I didn't think that was too bad. She is really into horses right now, so I bought horse tights for $9.50. I think that was high. I bought Prince two pairs of Climber jean pants with elastic waist that I think were way too high. I only got them instead of regular jeans because they have double reinforced knees, and if you have a boy, then you KNOW why that is important! I bought them both tennis shoes for $29.50 each and church shoes for about the same.

It was just so weird spending that kind of money. I can't imagine having the money to do that every season. I usually buy yard sale, thrift store, or cheap things on sale at Target or Children's Place. Spending these gift cards just felt so...anti-frugal! And, by the way, I didn't spend all of them, but most of them. :)

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  1. DD2 is in plus size girls. I'll have to check out lands end. School shopping is TORTURE with that child! Thanks for the suggestion...oh, and wow....i'm amazed at how much free you got. How long did it take you to rack up those points? Oh, and what card was it? I've thought about doing a gas card, mainly to see how much we're spending on gas a month.
    PS.....glad I found your blog again.


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