Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ground Turkey - Friend or Foe?

Have you ever tried ground turkey? I decided to take the plunge, when I saw how much cheaper it was than ground beef. I've always heard that you can't tell the difference. So I decided to find out.

I bought some ground turkey at Aldi's. I *think* it was one pound for $2.49. This was the regular ground turkey (not turkey breast) with a 93/7 percentage of fat ratio. If you bought the 93/7 ground beef, it was cost close to $4/lb.

I made spaghetti last night with the ground turkey in the sauce. It cooked up quickly, with no "disappearing meat", as when you cook with ground beef. LOL! And surprisingly, there was not an overwhelming aroma while cooking, only a pleasant subtle cooked chicken smell. When cooked, the color was just a bit paler than ground beef. The consistency was the same. I tentatively took a bite of the sauce. The taste was the same!! Woo hoo! It even fooled my persnickety kids! They loved it, and had no idea that it wasn't hamburger! :)

I went to Sam's last night for some apples, and decided to look at the ground turkey there. They had the ground turkey for $1.94 a pound and was the Jenni-O brand. They also had ground turkey breast for $3.15 a pound.

So far, ground turkey is my friend. I am going to experiment using it in different ways, to make sure I still like it. I will update when I do. So be brave - go buy some ground turkey!!


  1. We love ground turkey. I've been buying Aldi's frozen bullets for months now. They are only $1.00 per pound. As opposed to the breast meat, the frozen bullets do have a higher fat content because they are made with dark meat. But after I cook it, I rinse it in my colander to rinse off the extra grease. I honestly cannot taste a difference. Hal says he can, but I really don't think so. I've passed it off as ground beef to my extended family several times when we've had them over for one has ever been the wiser. I use it in spaghetti, chili, meat loaf, and anywhere else I'd normally use beef. I love the price!!! Hee hee!!

    Love, Mel

  2. Cool! I've used it before when once upon a time long ago and far far away Rhett and I were on a diet. I think it's good, too. I didn't realize it was cheaper! I wonder how the Hillbilly Housewife recipes would fair with it. Hmmm...

    Totally relate to your pantry experience. Isn't it ridiculous? That's why I'm testing out my menu makeover plan to see which way I spend less. So far, it's leaning toward not couponing. But we have absolutely no snacky-type stuff in the house. I know Rhett has been dying this week being home.
    P.S. You probably would have bought the stuff even if you'd looked at the dates. I always convince myself that I'll become this gourmet chef and use it all before it expires. Insanity!

  3. I want to pick some ground turkey up and experiment with it again. Your blog has inspired me to do so. Plus I discovered something yesterday that will make turkey cooking easier. I don't know why I didn't think of it before (slaps forehead) LOL My experience with Turkey has been limited. i do remember I couldn't get the crumbles to break up small enough for my tastes. Last night I was cooking ground beef and remembered to try something I had been thinking about but not done yet. I used the wire potato masher and it broke the ground beef up into small bits which is what I wanted. I can't wait to try it with Turkey.


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