Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Growing Feathers and Puttin' Out Fires

Look at how much they have grown! The second pic, "The Lone Chick", is one of the second batch of chicks.

The first pic shows how much
their real feathers are growing in. They are losing their downy softness!
(My 6-year old DD took these shots! Aren't they great?)

We did have a little mishap. DS8 left the heat lamp touching the wood at the top. And FYI, that can cause a F-I-R-E ! I smelled the lovely scent of a woodfire
and sniffed appreciatively, and asked my sister who had stopped by, "Did they (meaning my DH and kids)
build a fire outside?" She looked at me askance, and asked, "In THIS wind??" (We were having 30-mph winds that afternoon.) Well, that made sense. I walked down the hall, with the ever-growing fear of F-I-R-E, and looked in the chick room. No flames, but heavy with smoke smell. Sure enough, my sis saw that the heat lamp was touching the wood, and underneath was a black hole with gray ash in it! Needless to say, when I told DH, he said they didn't need the chicks didn't need the heat lamp anymore. :)

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  1. I like your chickens and am hoping that some day we will have some too. There has been talk of such things. I would not mind having several animals nearby outside the house. :-)


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