Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Review of Coupon purchases

Here's a brief review of some of my earlier coupon purchases:

Curves Cereal - um, not too crazy about it. I got 2 boxes of the Honey Crunch. I can't say that I really like it. I *might* be able to force it down, but I don't know.

Renuzit TriScents Air Freshener - I got the "blue" scent package (versus the "green" scent), and I just put it out today. I put it in the living room, but had to move it to the bathroom/laundry room. It was too strong and too "bathroomy". I really like the Febreeze Noticeables better. Since I have 5 of these now and none of my receipts, I guess I better learn to like it! LOL! *** Edited to add: Good grief! I had to unplug the Renuzit TriScents air freshener. I guess I am really allergic to it. My throat feels itchy and my nose is running. Darn! If anyone who knows me wants these, let me know. I've got 4 to give away. :)

Almay Eye-makeup Remover Pads - My BF was right! They are wonderful, and I love them!

Almay Mascara - This wasn't in my original coupon post, but I bought it later for $2.44. So far, after 3 days of wearing it, I love it! Hopefully, it won't start clumping, like most do after a week. I will update if it does. But so far, one of the best mascaras I've used! (And I've used a lot!!)


  1. Saw your link over on the Movin On loop. So I decided to stop by and say hi.

  2. Dang! And I was hoping to score some more eye makeup pads! (Actually I'm really glad you like them. I knew you would!!)


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