Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break - or not?

All of the schools around here are on spring break. My parents think WE should be on spring break, too - and so do my kids. (sigh) I feel like we've taken so many little breaks that we shouldn't. But then again, this would give me a chance to clean up and organize our homeschooling stuff. Plus, I could get together all of the homeschooling curriculum I want to sell, and put it for sale on VegSource or The Well-Trained Mind boards. Hmmm...spring break is sounding better and better!

So, let's make a list! (I love making lists!)

What I Could Do This Week:

* Clean up and organize the homeschooling area
* Move the hutch filing cabinet near the loveseat, or find a small side table to put there
* Organize all of my scrapbooking supplies - condense, combine, refine!!
* Make a list of all of the homeschooling material I want to sell
* List all homeschooling materials on various boards to sell
* Get all clothing ironed and labeled for consignment sale next week
* Figure out if I have enough stuff to sell on Ebay.
* Make chore list for DH and kids
* Make Fly Lady Control Journal OR Home Management Binder OR print off Motivated Moms

Okay, I've made a list. That's the easy part. The hard part is doing what is on the list! I will update and let you know if I've kept up with the list. If I could do half of what is on the list, I would be deliriously happy!!


  1. Hope you have a good week. I always love making the lists too - it is the hard part actually DOING the lists! UG


  2. Oh my goodness...great minds think alike!! I too have a list (mine is still mental...need to put on paper). We took yesterday "off" with the intention of back to school today. Hasn't happened yet. I too think I've slipped into Spring break mode.

    Or, we could throw all caution to the wind and just sit around and eat chocolate all week.

    Love Ya,

  3. Chocolate? Chocolate? Did I hear the word "chocolate"? Yum!! I've been in chocolate heaven with all the Easter candy! And I've got lots of my fave Easter candy - Cadbury eggs! Mmmmmmm.... ;)

  4. The kids though so to because dad said something. But we have Fridays off so we aren't over doing it.
    Secretly I can't wait to be done with school. We have summers off. But we keep plugging away.


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