Saturday, March 1, 2008

March Challenge: Fasting from Fast Food!

With recent doctor visits, I've discovered I have slightly high cholesterol. I'll know my recent numbers in a few days. I know one main culprit is going out to eat! We go out way, way too much. Besides the health factor, if we cut out going out to eat, it would save us tons of money. I've relied to heavily on going out to eat. I really want to learn to cook healthy for my family. I just have never enjoyed cooking. Now, baking - that's another thing. I like to bake - just so I can get the results! LOL!!

So I am going to issue a challenge to myself and to anyone else who wants to participate: For the month of March, I am going to abstain from going out to eat and eating fast food. Wow. It pains me to write that. If anyone wants to join this challenge, post in the comments!! I want to hear about it.

The only exception I am going to have to allow is that March 25th is my 13th wedding anniversary. We will probably go out to eat for that. ;)

I really hope I can do this. It's really silly (and slightly scary) how worried I am that I will not be able to complete this challenge. What does that say about me and the way I provide for my family?? Nothing good.


  1. That's quite a challenge!! I'll join you on the no fast food end of it, but I look forward all week to eating out on Sunday after church--just can't bring myself to give that one up.

  2. You can do it! I'm not yet ready to commit but I will be interested in reading your updates.


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