Monday, April 28, 2008

Frugal Challenge for May - No Late Fees!

Last week, I paid an enormous amount for late fees at the library and movie store. At the library, I had to pay $9.60 for a lost book (that we found today on my DS's dresser when he finally cleaned his room!) plus $20 in late fees. I went back to the library a few days later, and was told I had another $20 in late fees. I triumphantly pulled out my receipt (thank You, God, for letting me find it!) and said that I had already paid it. She said, no, it was for other fees. I was and am still not convinced that it's not for the same thing. But assuming it isn't - that is $40 late fees on one library card, plus $9.60 for the lost book (which wasn't lost at all). I always have late fees at the movie store. I would guesstimate that I spend AT LEAST $20 a month in late fees at the library and movie store. Of course, this month is way over that amount.

So I am going to challenge myself for the month of May to not have ANY late fees, anywhere!! Can I do it? I don't know. Here are a few things I'm going to try this month to help me achieve my goal:

* Put all library books/library movies in one place.
* Write down somewhere when all library items and movies are due.
* Before I leave the house, check my list to see if any items are due that day to avoid another trip to town!

Late fees are not frugal!! I have got to get this under control!


  1. How about this...make yourself a standard checklist that you always check before making a trip to town. Cover all your categories for why you go to town (yardsales, library, movies, grocery, bills, pharmacy refills, anything JC migh need next door, etc)...of course with more detail that this. Print off a bunch of copies and keep them by the door, in your car, wherever you can think to help jog your memory before making the trip. That way, you can consolidate trips and save gas!

    Just a thought!

    Love, Mel

  2. I'm right there with you! Fortunately our library did a 1 can for each dollar owed and when our market had its canned goods sale we took care of $40 in fines that way! I now have a special basket where we keep all library materials. I also put a note on the calendar when things are due because movies are only 1 week while other items are 2-3 weeks. SO far this year we've only had about 25 cents fine -- a big difference from last year! Lis from SHS

  3. Thanks for these ideas, ladies! When I was in the library last week, after telling her I didn't have another $20 to pay again for late fees, the librarian said I could sign up for an email service where the library would email me 2 days before the books were due! Sure wish they had told me about this before! So I signed up, not thinking it would really happen, but it did! I got two emails today! This will help a lot. I definitely am going to set up some kind of system to know when everything is due, though.


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