Friday, April 25, 2008

What People Eat Around the World

Take a look at this Time photo essay: What People Eat Around the World.

It shows pictures of 16 families around the world, with the food that feeds their family for a week. It also tells how much it costs in their money, plus what that equals in U.S. dollars. The cheapest was $1.23 in a country called Chad. It made me feel like crying, to see what they had to feed their children. A couple of sacks of some kind of grain or lentils. And just a handful of veggies/fruit. Very sad. Then you see two pictures of United States families. Wow. They had tons of boxes...boxes...boxes, and more boxes. Very little veggies or fruit or even meat. Just lots of processed foods. It even surprised me to see how much processed food I saw in Japan's picture. This is a real eye-opener. As I ws thinking of what my family's picture would look like, I was thinking how little "real" food would be in that picture - like cuts of meat, vegetables, or fruit. Most of it would be processed food.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

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  1. Very interesting. Maybe the next time I do a big shopping trip, I'll take a picture and see what it looks like in comparison.


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