Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wow, look at this pantry!

Okay, two posts in one day! I'm on a roll.

Take a look at this pantry. Oh my gosh. I have never seen a pantry so organized! She is amazing! She says that when she was little, her dad gave her the responsibility of keeping their pantry organized. He told her to make it look like the supermarket shelves. And it's stuck with her. I wrote her a compliment, telling her how wonderful it looked, and how I wish my mom or dad had given me that responsibility when I was a kid!! In our house, the pantry was a deep dark spot of unknown dangers. When you got something out, you learned to cover your head in case a can of corn fell on you. And you always did a shuffle backwards when you made the grab, in case another can of something fell on your toes (had that happen way too many times!). And when you had to put said item back into the pantry, you just closed your eyes and chucked it, and dove out of the way in case it flew back out at ya. I'm not joking,

Bubble In My Head, you are a woman of talent. (sigh) You are my hero.


  1. You have me cracking up! I have to say, I feel like a fraud. I absolutley must take pictures of my bedroom closet to balance out this image of me I've created. My pantry looks like this. JUST my pantry. The pantry is my "thing". My bedroom closet is sooooo not my thing. lol!

    Thanks for the compliments and for linking to me. I don't like too much attention in real life but in cyber-life, I LOVE it! :)

    Come back often, please! :)

  2. Oh my goodness!! What a pantry. I have pantry-envy now. Oh no. Now, I'm coveting and that's a sin. I'll repent. (Maybe). :)

    Love, Mel

  3. I've tagged you to do a meme. 3 Random Things about yourself.


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