Saturday, April 26, 2008

Frugal Finds - 4/26

I only got to go to a few yard sales today, in between soccer games and the homeschool curriculum sale at Lifeway. But I did manage to get a few goodies. I got these items:

* Several VHS movies: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, The Emporer's New Groove, a Thomas the Train movie, a Veggie Tale movie, and a Tom and Jerry movie - all for $2.30

* 3 books - Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2005, a Max Lucado hardback, and a glycemic index diet book - all for $4

* A 2-disc CDROM of Christian Clip Art - no scratches, looked brand new but I couldn't tell what Windows it uses. Hopefully it will work. Cost: $1

Lifeway was having 20% off all homeschool curriculum/books with no tax today! I bought "The Challenge of Raising Cain", a discipline approach book, and "Lessons in Responsibility for Boys". I'm making a list to see if I want to go back and order some more things.

A very good frugal day! If only I didn't have to spend so much in gas to go and get my frugal finds!!

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